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Inline with our continued efforts to ensure that your items/services reach a wide range of buyers interested in your stuff, we have added a special boosting service to ensure your stuff get to a wider range of buyers who are interested in your stuff such that you get up to 20x more clients for your stuff than usual, thereby selling your stuff quicker and making more money.

How It Works?

  1. Your Ads show up first on Home Page
  2. Your Ads are highlighted as Featured or Bumped on the site
  3. Your Ads show up first in Search Results
  4. Your Ads show up first in Category Results
  5. Your Ads are daily renewed on the site
  6. Google Promotion – your Ads are promoted on top websites in Zambia
  7. Facebook Promotion – your Ads are promoted on Facebook
  8. Email Promotion
  9. 20x more clients
  10. You get dedicated support from our team
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