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Refund Policy

Payment & Refund Policy

Amasample’s Payment & Refund Policy is incorporated into the Amasample’s Tearms & conditions, and definitions from the terms & Condtions
shall apply in this Payment & Refund Policy. Note that the Disclamer in clause 6 of the Terams are fully applicable.

Payment Procedure

In the event you, as a User of the App/Website, are prompted to pay for any part of using the service as eligible according to clause 2.3.2 of the Terms, such as posting an item listing onto our
exchange for potential or acture buyers to view, then then you will do so either via a purchase withing the App/Website or via another third party platform such as paypal or mobile money as appropriate

You will receive an electronic receipt noting your purchase and the guidelines regarding the duration and editability of your purchase.

If the App provides you the ability to edit your purchase after payment, then you may edit the purchase until the duration expires.

You are fully responsible with respect to any applicable terms or laws applying to third party services you use when making payment in relation to our Services.

If you edit your purchase after it becomes visible to Users on the Services, and in our opinion the content you post conflicts with Clause 3 of the Terms, we may
exercise our right to remove the content without any refund or “store credit” provided to you.

Visibility of purchases to Users of the Services depends on a combination of internal and external factors including whether your purchase and any content
associated with it complies with the Terms in addition to whether our Services are active.

Refund Procedure

Amasample does not provide refunds in relation to purchases made when using our Services.

If any incident occurs such that your purchase does not operate as you intended, if there are any technical reasons preventing your purchase from operating after payment, or if you
made a purchase in error, then you may contact us by mailing [email protected] stating what has occurred.

We will be reasonable in providing a form of store credit, which will be administered by Amasample, to be used within our Services
if in our sole opinion this would rectify any issues with any of our Services that you have purchased.

Store credit is not a form of money, and it may not be assigned, converted, sold, or transferred to any other User.

You cannot obtain store credit in relation to deleting or deactivating any purchase you have made with us.

We have no responsibility with respect to any purchases or sales that you may engage in with Users of our Services whether communicating with such Users over the App or in person.

Any issues you have with any Users must be directed to those Users, especially in cases where you seek a return, refund, repair, or any other request, and Amasample has
no responsibility to become involved or provide an opinion on how to resolve any disputes between Users.

You buy or sell items on our exchange at your own risk and you assume all liability for your use of the Services.

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