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Top tips for finding your perfect engagement ring

Just like your love, an engagement ring is forever. Here are a few tips from Sterns’ gemologist, Mitesh Khan, to help you find the perfect symbol of your everlasting love.

  1. Look for brilliance

When choosing a diamond, hold it up to the light and observe how this dances around as it reflects through the stone. You should see a rainbow spectrum of colours. That’s what you want, as the colours mean that the stone has a beautiful brilliance.

  1. Consider the four Cs

Bigger is not always better – the cut is what really makes a diamond sparkle. Diamond graders determine a gem’s quality by considering colour, clarity, cut and carat so ask your jeweller to clearly explain these differences when they show you a selection of stones.

  1. Choose the perfect setting

The style and metal of the setting should enhance the gems in your ring – and work with your wardrobe – as this is a piece that you will wear every day. When it comes to gemstones, diamonds look beautiful with everything, while morganite pairs well with rose gold and sapphires are stunning with white gold.

  1. Try it on for size

Don’t be shy to try on an assortment of rings with different settings, styles and stones in order to determine what you really love, and what suits your hand best. Like Cinderella’s shoe, you’ll know the perfect fit when you find it.

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