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When purchasing a phone, majority of the time, you are misled by other opinions on what to get, including the opinions of the salesperson which may or may not misguide you as they are also trying to get any kind of business off you.

Allow me to guide you through the buying process.

Types of phones:

There are three (3) types of phones that every mobile brand has. These are:

Low-range phones: These types of phones tend to not have many features. They are mainly used for calling and sending messages. Some brands have cameras though they are of a very low quality, as well as an internet browser which is not user friendly.


Mid-range phones: There are a lot of similarities between mid and high range phones, and that’s mainly why buyers have complaints after purchasing a phone. Mid-range phones do come with many extravagant features, a good quality camera and commendable design, but they cost less than high-range phones. Usually, this is because the body, processor and RAM are not quite as high end as the high-range phones. The saying “Looks can be deceiving” applies to these mid-range phones too. Be sure to check the full features before buying one and expecting its performance to match that of a high-range phone.

High-range phones: They are the highest rank of phones, and when you have the right brand and the features, you can’t go wrong. These are the Ferrari’s and Lamborghinis of the mobile world. They have the best quality screens, cameras, processors and bodies. These phones cost more than the other two (2) types of phone because it produces the best in performance.

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